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Advanced Wood Heat
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The Most Versatile and Affordable BioMass Burner on the Market.

The Bio-Burner is a multi-fuel, multi-day biomass burner/boiler. It is a hydronic, non-pressurized boiler that can be attached to any existing heating system (hydronic or forced air.) The Bio-Burner is also non-catalytic – the burn takes place in a single burn chamber. The BB-100 is rated as an indoor/outdoor biomass burner and gas burner (natural or propane.) The clean emissions have met the standards for both the EPA Phase II and CSA B365 ratings.

The BB-500 is the 500k BTU Bio-Burner intended for residential or light commercial use. The BB-500 will burn many types of biomass fuel. The fuel size can range from dust to a G30 chip size (about 1”) including pellets. Moisture content can be as high as 40%, but 15-30% provides the most efficient burn. It will produce a continuous 500K BTU’s and because of its sophisticated computer controls, it has a “turn off” feature – making it almost smoke free - instead of the “turn down” feature of most other burners which causes smoking.

There are two fuel feed systems available for the BB-500. The 100M and the 100B. The100M is a 400 gal (2 yards / 1 ton) fuel surge bin provides enough fuel for up to 2 weeks (depending on fuel type and heat load.) The 100B is a 23 yard capacity bulk feed system that provides enough fuel for up to 1 season (depending on fuel type and heat load.) Being automated as well, fuel will be fed into the burner as the thermostat indicates a heat demand. The BB-500 also has touch screen controls that can be networked to a computer so that it can be monitored from the comfort of one’s home.

Either propane or natural gas is used to ignite the fuel on start-up or if the burner has been off for a long period of time, it will automatically ignite when heat is demanded. This same gas source is used to provide fuel if there is a need for the full gas back-up system. If the owner is away from home for a length of time or if one runs out of biomass fuel for some reason, the BB-500 can be used as a gas system (fully rated in safety and emissions for 500k BTU’s.)


  • Specifications for the Bio-Burner BB-500:
  • •Efficiency 80+%
  • •Propane or NG Ignitor/Backup
  • •up to 500,000 BTU (150+ kW) output
  • •Fuel moisture up to 50 % ideal 25% (fines welcome)
  • •Fuel size up to G-50 wood chips (2")
  • •Dimensions 45” L x 114”W x 74” H
  • •Weight 3500 lbs
  • •220 VAC - 20 Amps nominal
  • •Fuel Hopper options 2 yard or 22 yard bulk bin.
  • •Touch Screen Controls
  • •Troubleshooting Assistance with Safety Auto Shut-Down


Advanced Wood Heat
3000 Lake Vista Drive
Blind Bay, B.C.
V0E 1H1
Cell 250-515-1106